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The Golden Age of Ukraine
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II international scientific and practical conference

On October 25, 2012, the Gold hall of “Donbas Arena” hosted II international scientific and practical conference "Response to violence in the democratic society: innovational security methods, violence prevention programmes".   Details (in Russian)...

Horlivka Penal Colony No. 27, September

On September 10, 2012 the working group paid a planned visit to Horlivka Penal Colony No. 27

Round table discussion at the Donetsk Regional Employment Centre

On August 31, the Donetsk Regional Employment Centre hosted the round table discussion “Implementations of measures aimed at rendering comprehensive assistance to people released from places of detention” with the participation of the members of the Union “The Golden Age of Ukraine” Yana Baranova and Hanna Shavlak


Talent contest

You can read the convicts’ literary works here

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Currently, the Union implements its projects in four  principal areas:

•   Social;

•   Cultural;

•   Spiritual and moral;

•   Gender



The prevention of violence, the search for innovational security methods and the implementation of effective programmes of crime prevention are becoming more and more relevant for the Ukrainian society in general and for Donbas in particular, especially with regard to the increased criminogenic indexes in the Donetsk region (in the region, there are twenty penal institutions, which is the largest number among the Ukrainian regions).

One of the priorities in this work is the preparation for the release and social adaptation of persons that served their sentences in places of detention. The multidimensionality of the problems requires the consolidation of the efforts of the authorities, society and businesses, the precision and good coordination of their actions, the review of the current legislation.

For these purposes, the Union “The Golden Age of Ukraine” has developed and is implementing the following programmes:

I Research:
1 public opinion poll of  convicts (the "portrait" of  a convict).  Details (MS Word .doc in russian)...
2 public opinion poll of the population on the problem of the social adaptation of ex-prisoners. Details (MS Word .docx in russian)...
II Re-socialization:
1. The support in finding jobs to persons released from places of detention, together with the State Regional and Municipal Employment Centres.  Details (in russian)... here, here and here.
2.   The creation of the public Employment Centre of the Union “The Golden Age of Ukraine”  Details (in russian)...
3    The development and implementation of the project aimed at creating the Interregional Centre for social, psychological and labour adaptation of convicts Details (in russian)...
4   The functioning of the hot telephone line for convicts +38 (050) 993 40 93.  Details (in russian)...
5   The monthly visits to the penal colonies of the Donetsk region to realize the re-socialization programme for the convicts.   Details (in russian)...
6   The development and implementation of the mediation programme in the Donetsk region as the programme aimed at crime prevention. Details (in russian)...
7   The support to persons in places of detention in obtaining higher education. Details (in russian)...
8   The organization of joint conferences, round table discussions with the support of the State Penal Service of Ukraine, the administrations of penal institutions, the Synodic Department for pastoral surveillance of the penal system of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Centre for Mutual Understanding (Kyiv) and other non-governmental organizations.  Details (in russian)... here, here and here.
9    The joint television projects together with TV channel “Donbas” (TV programmes “YOU ABOVE ALL”, “THE QUESTION OF POWER”).  Details (in russian)...
10   The cooperation with other republican TV channels and printed media. Details (in russian)...
III Prevention:
1 project "School":
1) school psychologist Details (in russian)...
2) psychological counseling with parents Details (in russian)...
2 social adaptations of teenagers – street children Details (in russian)...
3 creation of the payback theatre “Suitcase” Details (in russian)...
4 project "Happy family" Details (in russian)...



The Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners approved and declared by Resolution 45/111 of the UN General Assembly on December 14, 1990, say: “All prisoners shall have the right to take part in cultural activities and education aimed at the full development of the human personality.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the great expert in a human soul, says in “The House of the Dead”: “Every one, whoever he may be and however down-trodden he may be, demands – though perhaps instinctively, perhaps unconsciously–respect for his dignity as a human being. The prisoner is aware that he is a prisoner, an outcast, and he knows his position in respect to the authorities; but no brands, no fetters, can make him forget that he is a man. And as he really is a human being he ought to be treated humanely. My God, yes! Humane treatment may humanize even one in whom the image of God has long been obscured… I have seen the effect humane treatment has produced on these fallen ones. A few friendly words – and for the prisoners it was almost a moral resurrection”.

The creative contest “The Golden Age of Ukraine – Donbas” has been held in the Donetsk region every year since 2011. The organizers of the creative contest “The Golden Age of Ukraine – Donbas” are the State Penal Service of Ukraine in Donetsk region and the non-governmental organization “The Union “The Golden Age of Ukraine”. Details (in russian)... here, here and here.

The goals of the creative contest “The Golden Age of Ukraine – Donbas” are to discover and to realize the creative potential of the convicts in places of detention, to support and develop the musical, poetic, song and artistic creativity, to attract attention of the population to the principles of democratic ideology, to affirm the ideas of spiritual development and to preserve the traditional moral values.
For the purpose of the achievement of the above goals, the contest sets up the following objectives:
• the use of the creative potential of the convicts as an active means of comprehensive development and personality formation;
• the increase in the cultural and esthetic level, the spiritual and moral rehabilitation and the preparation of the convicts for the release from places of detention;
• the infringement prevention, the useful organization of the free time of the convicts;
• the formation of the convicts’ ambition to righteous behavior, the strengthening of the discipline in places of detention and pre-trial detention;
• the discovery of talents among the convicts, their support after the release from places of detention;
• the education for patriotism, responsibility, moral qualities and esthetic sense, national identity and civil duty;
• the promotion of healthy lifestyle;
• the attraction of the new creative resources to take part in the social and cultural life in accordance with the ideological values of the Ukrainian state;
• the attraction of attention of the legislative and executive authorities, the general public, the mass media to the problems of the re-socialization of the convicts and the provision of practical assistance in their solvation.

The permanent exhibition of the convicts’ works is located at the office of the Union: Office 18, Komsomolskyi Ave., 15, Donetsk, Ukraine
After the contests, the Union plans to issue a collection of poems, a photo album and musical discs.


Spiritual and moral

The positive changes in various areas of life that occurred in Ukraine have opened new opportunities for the spiritual renewal of the society. The citizens have obtained the possibility to realize their rights and freedoms more completely. Nowadays, their views on religion have changed dramatically, and they have recognized its high potential of the spiritual and moral impact on a person. 
In terms of the spiritual and moral correction of the convicts, the following areas of the Union’s activity have become primary:
•    The programme “The groups of personal development”; the project has been implemented since December 2011 in Penal Colonies No. 27, No. 124, No. 217 and in the Kirovsk Correctional Inspectorate of Donetsk city. See the details in the News and Events section. Details (in russian)... here, here and here.
•    The distribution of the popular-science film “SECRET” and the educational literature in all the colonies. Details (in russian)...
•    The programme “Spiritual development”. The joint visits to the colonies with the representatives of the Orthodox Church in order to teach the church sacraments, the power of faith; the organization of religious discussions; the establishment of Sunday spiritual schools and spiritual libraries in places of detention. Besides, one of the areas of activity of “The Union “The Golden Age of Ukraine” is the training of catechists who would undertake to provide the prisoners with orthodox education with the blessing and under the auspices of the prison priest.
•    The issue of the monthly newspaper “The Golden Age of Ukraine – Donbas. The strategy of success. The special edition “Outside the penal colony”. The newspaper has been issued since October 2011. Details (in russian)... here and here.
•    Since February 2012, the Union has started to conduct a special planned sociological survey among the convicts that serve their sentences in the places of detention of the Penal Service of the Donetsk region. The results of the survey will allow us to find out what the tendencies of the work with prisoners are in terms of the realization of their rights for the freedom of conscience and to optimize the further activity aimed at the spiritual and moral renewal of the citizens of this category. Download (anketa.doc).


Gender equality is the basis for a society. It means that men and women shall have equal possibilities, rights and obligations in all areas of life. Consequently, they shall have equal opportunities to work and earn for living by combining a career and a family life and not fearing to be abused and exposed to violence from the other gender.

The work of “The Union “The Golden Age of Ukraine” in places of detention is aimed at promoting gender equality in a wide variety of areas associated with human rights and the human potential development. For this purpose, the Union plans:
•    to equip the penal colonies for women in Snizhne and Mariupol with computers and to introduce the courses “PC user” and “PC Accounting” for the convicted women. A comprehensive computer has already been granted to Penal Colony No. 127 in Snizhne.  Details (in russian)...
•    to continue developing the social art project of the Union together with the women’s festival “ANIMA” (Kyiv) “The right for a mistake”. Details (in russian)...

We invite for cooperation the governmental and non-governmental organizations to mobilize services and resources which will enable to organize and increase the efficiency of the events planned and, consequently, stimulate the national progress in terms of the performance of the obligations regarding women both in the national and international levels.